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Motion Activated Sink

Sinks with Motion Activated Sinks enable you to clean your kitchen sinks more efficiently. It uses advanced PIR (passive infrared) technology and a high-quality ceramic cartridge to sense when you're near and activate the faucet, making it easy to quickly rinse dishes or hands without turning the faucet on and off. The latest motion sensor technology has changed the experience of using the sink. In motion-activated sinks, a human presence triggers the sink to activate. It is a sensor-activated faucet system that turns on the water flow when it senses movement within a certain radius. You can save water and energy by preventing the faucet from running continuously when no one is using the sink. That amazing sink comes with various features and functions that save time and make the daily routine perfect. Some of these include an automatic shut-off after a certain period, the ability to pause the water flow, and a sensor that can adjust to different sensitivities.
There are many different applications for motion-activated sinks. Several applications include offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and public places to help people. Water conservation – It can help conserve water by automatically shutting off the water when the user steps away from the sink.  Time-saving – There is no need to worry about leaving the water running and forgetting to turn it off with a motion-activated sink. This can save time on cleaning tasks. Hand hygiene – Motion-activated sinks can also promote hand hygiene by providing an intuitive way to wash hands.

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