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Moen Sensor Lavatory Faucet

FontanaSensorFaucets specializes in providing quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures for commercial and residential use. Whether you are looking for traditional bathroom faucets or modern, luxury ones, FontanaSensorFaucets has the perfect collection for your bathroom. Among the many other fixtures being used in commercial bathrooms, Moen sensor lavatory faucets are a common choice. Scroll our diverse collection of lavatory sensor faucets to find the ones that suit your use.

Moen sensor faucets come in many different finishes like brushed nickel, chrome, matte black, rose gold, and others. Lavatory sensor faucets support a touchless function meaning you donít have to touch the faucet. Moreover, these faucets come in deck mount and wall mount designs so you can choose according to your need. The most modern lavatory sensor faucets are equipped with soap dispensers as well. These sensor faucets are durable and long-lasting. Apart from the simple faucet design, luxury models also come in waterfall showerheads. Other traditional ones come in a gooseneck design. Luxury faucets also have a digital touch display.

Moen sensor lavatory faucets are a great addition to a modern commercial bathroom because they support smart features that give your bathroom an upgrade. These sensors faucets come in many different finishes so you choose the one that matches your bathroom look. Sensor faucets have the advantage of preventing the spread of germs because they donít need to be touched. Designed with durability, these faucets are made to last long, so you donít have to worry about replacing them soon.