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Moen Motion Sensor Faucet Manual

The Moen one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet brings ideally balanced elegance to every kitchen by combining sleek versatility with timeless beauty. The Reflex mechanism is built into the pulldown spray head for smooth operation, fast travel, and safe docking. Thanks to Power Clean technology, you can easily convert between an aerated stream for regular cleaning and an efficient rinse for heavy-duty applications, with an incredibly potent, concentrated mist. The single-lever design allows for simple regulation of water atmospheric pressure, whereas the high-arc design allows for easy washing and filling of large pots and pans. The Moen one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet has a Duralock Fast Connect System for easy interface and can be used on one-, two-, three-, or four-hole sinks and worktops. This faucet has a Spot Resistance stainless finish that resists stains and water damage to maintain your kitchen looking tidy, and it comes with a soap dispenser to match your kitchen decor.

Moen went to great lengths to ensure that MotionSense is simple to use. Both relations are specifically labelled. There is no need for any complex subassemblies. There's no need for a technician. MotionSense is operated by a rechargeable battery, but it also has the possibility of an AC adapter. Under-cabinet system allows you to conveniently change the required preset temperature of the water of the hands-free function. Use a smooth, moist cloth and gentle liquid soap or glass cleaner to clean the glass. Avoid using harsh chemical additives, abrasives, and washing pads or sponges that are not made especially for shiny surfaces.