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Matte Black Sensor Lavatory Faucet

Sleek, delicate, and classy; the Matte Black Sensor Lavatory Faucet is an essential addition to any bathroom. Made of premium zinc alloy and brass for years of rust-free use, this durable faucet will stand out in your home. Matching hot and cold hoses come with it so you can customize your water temperature - all without sacrificing pressure. The material is of imported quality which meets the international standards of ISO.

Plus, sensors ensure that the sensor will not flow when your hands are still within range or if you move away from them which saves water! It comes with a free set of detailed instructions to help get installed right! There is no or less chance of contamination or getting a bacterial infection.

Mat black sensor lavatory faucet for those of you who love to be as clean as possible. The touch-free, anti-cross infection gizmo helps all the way around: no need to touch the handle after washing your hands and water will stop running when your hands are outside its range. So if you're a gardener or potter, or whatever that might soil the handle.

If you haven't done any plumbing before but want a smooth installation process with few difficulties? Try installing this matte black sensor lavatory faucet. With our convenient instructions inside the box, anybody can do it from start to finish with ease! The faucet is easy to install and come with some tools which can help you to fit the faucet in the right place.