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Kohler Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

The latest vintage design has a modern front point of the Kohler motion sensor bathroom faucet. Sensory technology has increased the impact of the product to add value to the price. The flow of design is manufactured in such a way as to give a maximum flow rate. Valves and other accessories are the factors playing things for efficiency. The premium standards construction material is rugged and elegant. Brass material construction to boost up your trust with reasonable prices compared to the same range of faucets.

Features and Working:
Acts of vandalism aerator to create a balance between flow rate and smooth working maintain the high standard. The valves and inner supply system are leakage-free and prevent the drainage of liquids during dispensing. The working mechanism follows the safe water act and allows maximum ease for the washing. The sensor lens technology persists the consistency and maintains accuracy in the soap flow. Keep considering the distance between valves and the hole of soap flow.

Only a single hole is sprouting in the tank to maintain a continuous and smooth flow of soap. All kinds of liquids of shampoo, lotion, soap, and fumes are adjustable. The refilling and installation process is easy and implanted in the sing-on wall mount. Touchless function prevents germinal spreading in the family.

Kohler motion sensor bathroom faucet is easily applicable for commercial purposes. Hotels, clubs, office bathrooms are furnished with a spout. The durability and proper performance of the faucet meet the international standards to follow the water act rules.

Kohler Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet