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Infrared Commercial Motion Sensor Faucets

How to Design a Touchless Bathroom with a Motion sensor technology - the latest technology in the market today for commercial faucet products because of the numerous benefits it brings for public settings in particular. If you are in search of a platform where to find a diverse range of infrared commercial motion sensor faucets, FontanaSensorFaucets is just the place for you to be looking in. Here, you can find a great variety of faucets in a range of different finishes, styles, and modern features. Our elegant sensor motion faucets are bound to be wonderful additions to any commercial bathroom.

The infrared motion sensor faucets in this category of FontanaSensorFaucets are available in both deck-mount and wall-mount varieties in a variety of contemporary styles like the waterfall sensor faucet. Here you can find gold finished, oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel finishes. The ceramic core of these faucets makes them a very durable and long-lasting product for commercial bathrooms. The touchless, sensor technology makes this an ideal option for commercial faucets where the risk of contamination and water wastage is high.

Discover the best Touchless Commercial Bathroom Touchless Faucets, the elegant finishes make these faucets very stylish and aesthetic fixtures for any bathroom. The amazing gold finish depicts luxury at its finest while the shiny brushed nickel finish is sleek and glamorous in its own appeal. The touchless technology eliminated the need to touch the faucet in any way, thus making contamination impossible. Additionally, the fact that the faucet automatically turns off the water flow when the hands are no longer detected under the faucets, resolves the water wastage problem typical in commercial settings.

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