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Hospital Restroom Faucets

What are your main concerns while selecting the best hospital to treat your loved ones? You always look for a hospital with the most experienced consultants, friendly staff, the best healthcare facilities, and a hygienic environment. The cleanliness of a hospital's restrooms is a good indicator of its level of care. We know that most hospital-acquired infections spread through contaminated showers and faucets. Fontana sensor showers are the ultimate choice to minimize the transmission of these highly contagious infections and ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients. Let's have a look over the best hospital restroom faucets.
1. Hospital Brushed Gold Touchless Automatic Sensor Hands Free Faucet
These brushed gold touchless Faucets are designed after close consultation with medical professionals to satisfy the specific needs of various healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and daycare centers. The amount of viable microbial biomass on touchless faucets was significantly lower than on lever faucets, as shown by the research. The infrared sensor in the Fontana touchless automatic faucets enables hands-free operation, reducing the transmission of germs from one person to other.
2.Fontane Verona Cold –Hot Chrome Touchless Bathroom Faucets
These eco-friendly automatic faucets are similar in function to brushed gold automatic faucets. They minimize the wastage of water with a controlled water flow rate and water storage capacity of volume 6L each time. Fontana hands-free sensor faucets only activate when you need water and automatically shut off when you're finished.
3. Hospital Gold Automatic Sensor Hands Free Faucets
FontanaSensorFaucets The luxurious automatic sensor faucets have an elegant visual design with a polished gold finish. The touchless sensory faucets are incredibly efficient, with unique features, including easy installation, easy-to-clean surfaces, heavy traffic handling capacity, and durability. These sensory faucets require almost little to no maintenance and work perfectly for any commercial bathroom.
Conclusion: Fontana's hospital restroom faucets are the best approach for commercial use applications in public restrooms, restaurants, office buildings, public facilities, and hospitals due to their touchless technology, durability, efficiency, and low maintenance. They are ADA compliant, compatible with all standard US plumbing, and have a 5-year warranty.

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