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Hands Free Soap Dispenser

Hands-free soap dispensers are exactly as they sound. They do not require any hands or manual operation. They are automatic rather than the traditional soap dispensers that must be turned on manually. These dispensers are usually operated through sensors that detect hand motion to turn on or off. This article will discuss the benefits of hands-free dispensers and the recommended types that can be installed.

Types of Hands-Free Soap Dispensers

1. Fontana Napoli wall mount stainless automatic hands-free soap dispenser

This soap dispenser is wall-mounted and comes with all mounting accessories. Its shape and style make it look extremely classy. The best part about it is that it’s made from stainless steel, which is environmentally friendly and is known for its durability.

2. Fontana commercial wall mount automatic hands-free soap dispenser

This hands-free soap dispenser has a beautiful silver shine that lasts a long time. Along with the high quality, it’s made just like a thin faucet, thus making it look extremely elegant in a public restroom.

3. Fontana Napoli commercial hands-free automatic brushed nickel sensor commercial liquid soap dispenser

This commercial hands-free automatic soap dispenser has an excellent finish of brushed nickel. The best part about it is that it has super seal technology inside, which results in superior performance. The design is eye-catching as well as it comes with US standard plumbing.

4. Touchless Automatic Foaming soap dispenser

A touchless sensor is also hands-free as it is operated by sensors detecting hand motions. This elegant soap dispenser gives soap in foam, which allows a rich lather, leaving the person using it satisfied.

Why are Hands Free Soap Dispensers Better Than Others?

These soap dispensers are much better than others as they not only provide classy looks to the restroom but are also made from the best quality. They are made to last a lifetime as well as endure the rough usage a commercial restroom undergoes. Other soap dispensers often lack quality; they either lose their shine over time, cause leakage, or cause problems in functioning. They also do not have the added features that these dispensers offer.

Where to Use Hands Free Soap Dispensers

1. Hotel Restrooms

Hands-free soap dispensers are the best possible option for commercial places like hotels. They allow less maintenance and provide a hygienic environment. The recommended types of hands-free soaps mentioned would be best for hotel restrooms.

2. Restaurants

Numerous people come and go in and out of restaurants. They have 2 to 3 restrooms being used by everyone that comes. Thus, hand soap dispensers need to promote a hygienic environment. Due to their automated technology, they require no touch to turn them on.

3. Metro Stations

Public places and restrooms like the metro stations need a soap dispenser that is less maintenance and more hygienic. Hand-free soap dispensers seem to tick those boxes.
Hands-free soap dispensers are highly important when it comes to public restrooms due to the less maintenance as well as promoting a safe and hygienic environment. These recommended soap dispensers are best as they are made from excellent quality material, thus making them highly durable.