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Hands Free Faucets

Fontana sensor faucets provide outstanding quality sensor based faucets. The presence of these hand-free faucets will modernize your bathroom with advanced technology. The infra-red technology in these faucets will enhance the look of your restroom. The material of its body is sturdy and hard that promotes long-term working without any flaws. The finished surface of these faucets is shiny and glazing. It enlightens the interior of the place and increases the beauty of the bathroom. The glazed surface of faucets protects them from rusting and other issues. The automatic motion sensor-based faucets protect people from getting into disease and keep your hands and bathroom clean and germs-free. They are available in a wide range of varieties concerning shapes, colors, and sizes. We are the outstanding sellers of these versatile hands-free faucets. Our faucet's designs range from simple to modern. We deal in every kind of faucets to meet the need of customers in all aspects. Our products are cost-effective and durable. The sensor-based technology provides outstanding service and is easy to use. The detection zone lies in the suitable range so that when you move your hand in that range it becomes functional. The hands-free faucets are designed by keeping in view the point of cleaning. You can easily clean it whenever you desire without applying any effort. These faucets also don’t require any extra effort for fitting. They can be easily fitted anywhere in a suitable space. Their fittings are ideal for commercial places such as buildings, shopping malls, and hospitals.

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