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Electronic Faucets | Restaurants

Wave hello to the convenience! Electronic faucets are best touchless faucets with high-quality sensors, designed especially for your ease and comfort. Be it a kitchen in your home, or your workplace or of a restaurant, now you can turn on the faucet by without even touching it, thanks to the advanced technology for introducing the innovative electronic faucets. These faucets include an innovative hands-free system which makes the kitchen tasks much easier and faster.

How do electronic faucets work?
Electronic faucets respond to what you need and when you need it, as there are three unique ways to control a faucet with a motion sensor.

  • Wave on and wave off: The wave sensor on the top of the spout is perfectly designed for filling the pot or the sink. You need to pass your hand across the top of the spout to turn the faucet on. Water continues to flow until you wave your hand across the sensor again.
  • The ready sensor at the base of the faucet detects when an object is in front of it, making it an ideal product for washing hands, dishes, and more. It is as simple as you just have to place the dish under the spout and the faucet turns on and then it takes away the dirt on dishes by the flow of water. With electronic faucet, workers can save water while completing tasks in the kitchen.
  • If you want to do your job traditionally then you can use the handle to start the flow of water. When you turn on the faucet, you can have a consistent and comfortable free mix temperature that is perfect to carry out many tasks. Now that’s convenient if you need a warmer or colder temperature or you want to adjust water flow, use the handle.

Advantages of electronic faucets
Fontana touchless faucets are ADA-compliant, meaning it meets all safety standards put forth by the American Disabilities Act.Touchless electronic operation also keeps the faucet clean and helps to control germs. Touchless faucet would create a more hygienic bathroom space. These electronic sense faucets are always reliable and ready for you to set things in motion and it’s easy to install as it requires a few more steps and you get a standard bath faucet in your bath. The easier operation and more efficient completion of the restroom tasks makes it capable of controlling the germs with saving much water.

Solo Touchless Commercial Sensor Faucet Infrared Electronic Faucet

1-Solo Touchless Commercial Sensor Faucet Infrared Electronic Faucet

It is a commercial sensor faucet that helps you to use the required amount of water for carrying your cleaning tasks, thus preventing wastage of water. This is because of its basic feature, that it is an electronic faucet that reduces the overflow of water immediately by stopping the flow of unnecessary and extra water from the tap. This indicates the fact that it only allows the flow of water when needed, because as soon as the sensor detects there is nothing near the proximity of faucet, it turns off.

  • Preventing the spread of germs:

  • This electronic faucet also helps you in the prevention of the harmful germs in your bath and keeps the sink area clean.

  • Infrared Smart Chip:
  • The faucet contains a sensor along with a smart infrared chip that makes it an ideal product for business use applications in restrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, open offices, and clinics. In short, it fits with all American style plumbing.

    2-Fontana Deauville Deck Mounted Touchless Electronic Motion Sensor Faucet & Automatic Soap Dispenser for Restrooms in Chrome Finish

    This faucet is a delicate piece of equipment that will flawlessly fit in any contemporary bathroom. Its simple use and modern innovation unquestionably make your cleaning work simpler. This touchless motion sensor faucet lessens the exchange of germs by forestalling cross-defilement and re-pollution of bacteria and microbes by not contacting the spouts or handles.

    Deauville Deck Mounted Touchless Electronic Motion Sensor Faucet


    This Dark mounted touchless electronic motion comes with advanced design for energy consumption that makes the battery lasts for a longer time. The sensor faucets include all the hoses and related applications, and it can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

    3-Fontana Rio Commercial Temperature Control Wave Electronic Automatic Sensor Faucet

    You must look for the Fontana chrome finish faucet, if you want comfort, unique appearance, and comfort with sensors, in one faucet. It looks incredible, yet you can completely appreciate the advantages of a temperature control wave electronic sensor spigot in your washroom or restroom.

  • AA basic batteries
  • It is controlled by four AA batteries, with an expected lifetime of two years at 300 cycles for every day.

  • Features
  • This electronic faucet comes with a single opening and programmed shut-off water sparing stream control. This electronic faucet is designed with the best materials with an artistic valve center, for the best execution and dependable lifetime. It is the perfect product for business use applications in open bathrooms, eateries, places of business, in open offices, medical clinics.

    Rio Commercial Temperature Control Wave Electronic Automatic Sensor Faucet

    Electronic Faucets | Restaurants