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Electronic Faucets Commercial

When it comes to finding the best and high-quality electronic faucets for commercial use, no one can match the class of Fontana Sensor Faucets that always brings a great quality product for its customer. The products of Fontana sensor give a contemporary and traditional look to the home décor and enhance the charm of the place. It offers great versatility in faucets, soap dispensers, and hand sanitizers as well. It facilitates the customer with the best service and always provides them good quality. It offers both touch and touchless faucets. Electronic faucets are the perfect ones for commercial use. These faucets come with infrared motion sensor technology that immediately detects the vicinity under the spout and then radiates the flow of water. The valve core is made up of ceramic material and shows the best performance for the long term. The sensing range of the spout is somehow in between 16-32cm. It is powered by AC 220 or DC6V. These electronic faucets come with a water temperature control feature. The faucets are built up by strong and durable materials such as solid brass, stainless steel, or metal that ensure their longevity and also give the décor an elegant look. They come with chrome, nickel, or gold polished finish that enhances the beauty of the product. It automatically shut off in the absence of a hand or any material inside the spout in this way it saves the water from wastage. It is designed to meet the requirement of restrooms, bathrooms, hospitals, and schools. They come with all accessories and have an easy process of installation.

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