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Electric Soap Dispenser

Electric soap dispensers are a new addition to the field of the bathrooms. If technology hadn’t advanced enough already, it has now made its way to cover every field. Electric soap dispensers are battery-powered or rechargeable and use sensors to detect the presence of the hand, triggering the pump to dispense a specific amount of soap. Let’s know more about electric soap dispensers.

Types of Electric Soap Dispensers

Electric soap dispensers are of two types; wall-mount and deck-mount. Here are a few options you can choose from.

1. Wall-Mount Electric Soap Dispensers

As the name suggests, wall-mount electric soap dispensers are installed on the wall near the sink. Here are some of the best wall-mount electric soap dispensers.

Fontana Wall Mount Commercial Sensor Faucet in Chrome With Soap Dispenser

Fontana wall-mount commercial sensor faucet with soap dispenser is one of the best options for commercial use. It comes in a stainless steel body material with a self-adjusting sensor range powered by infrared sensors. The installation is simple and easy.

DUP Fontana Senart Wall-Mount Motion Sensor Faucet with Liquid Soap Dispenser

This electric sensor faucet with soap dispenser is operated with 4AA batteries and uses an intelligent infrared AI chip, ensuring a 100% touch-free operation. This unique solid brass wall-mount faucet and soap dispenser have an elegant chrome finish. ADA compliant, this faucet is easily installed and best for commercial use.

2. Deck-mount Electric Soap Dispensers

Deck-mount electric soap dispensers are those that are installed on the sink deck. Here are some options we have for you.

Fontana Bronze Leo Automatic Sensor Deck Mounted Commerical Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser

Fontana Bronze automatic deck-mount faucet is an eye-catching, high-quality liquid foam dispenser that ensures a touch-free operation, making it safe and convenient to use. It delivers superior performance with its solid and durable construction. It supports an elegant dark oil-rubbed bronze look and is made from stainless steel. This automatic soap dispenser is best for commercial use.

Fontana Chrome Commerical Automatic Infrared Sensor Soap Dispenser

Fontana Chrome commercial infrared soap dispenser falls amongst the best options for commercial electric soap dispensers. Equipped with an infrared sensor, it supports self-adjusting sensor ranges. The solid and durable construction ensures the longevity of the soap dispenser, making it ideal for use in hospitals, public restrooms, office buildings, etc.

Fontana Dax Oil-rubbed Bronze Commercial Touchless Motion Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Fontana Dax oil-rubbed motion faucet and soap dispenser support a solid brass construction with an elegant chrome finish. It is easy to install and set. This automatic soap dispenser uses infrared smart-chip technology with a 30-second auto-shutoff feature that may be adjusted as needed.

Applications of Electric Soap Dispensers

Electric soap dispensers are increasingly gaining popularity in commercial use. These soap dispensers are used in different places, including hospitals, public restrooms, restaurants, offices, airports, etc. Electric soap dispensers are a new addition to the bathroom fixtures available for commercial use. Different types of electric soap dispensers are available, and some of these options we have covered above for you. These soap dispensers are used vastly, especially for commercial use.