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Dubai Projects of commercial touchless soap dispenser

Fontana is the company providing its users with the best commercial touchless soap dispensers that include wall mounted soap dispensers, oil rubbed soap dispensers, touchless soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers and even manual soap dispensers. The soap dispensers range from traditional to contemporary technologies. The price range of Fontana commercial touchless soap dispensers is comparatively less than normal sanitary products brands and the online orders are delivered to your door steps by secure services. Not only the quality is promised but elegance and class are provided at the same time to keep the customers unworried.

Fontana commercial touchless soap dispenser not only solves the problem of excessive use of soap and water with its touchless technology but also are rust free that allows the user to benefit from it for a long time without paying anything for the maintenance. commercial touchless soap dispensers alleviate the class and ambiance of the room it is mounted in because of its design and working. The brass finish and the attractive color of the product makes it even more cool and is pocket friendly at the same time. The wall mounted touchless soap dispenser also allows to check the level of soap so that the user knows when to refill. The automatic technology allows to improve hygiene as the dispenser is not supposed to be touched and saves the time of the user. Hence, Fontana is an intelligent choice as you get so much in even less amount compared to other companies and brands. Fontana soap dispensers are compatible with the U.S. plumbing system.