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Delta Sensor Lavatory Faucets

The commercial-grade delta sensor lavatory faucet is perfect for any space. With the hands-free operation, the touchless sensor allows you to skip using your dirty hands at all! This faucet is powered by 4 C batteries which are good for up to 1 year of use before needing replacement. Although not required, this bathroom sink accessory also comes with a mount so there's no need to drill an additional hole in your countertop or wall.

The expensive delta sensor lavatory faucet is perfect for your home and it installs easily and comes with instructions so you can't mess up. It needs no lubricant, never wears out corrosion-resistant parts, and delivers a lifetime of leak-free performance.

Delta's sensor lavatory faucet is perfect for busy households or anyone looking to improve their hygiene. The touchless technology means no more bacteria-laden germs spread from grabbing the faucet handles. You'll love the convenience of not having to worry about leaks or water droplets, and with Delta's durability, you know this product will last!

If you're looking for a faucet that's both stylish and water-efficient, look no further than the delta sensor lavatory faucet! This model features a metal pop-up drain assembly in a matching finish, making it easy to keep your bathroom looking great. Plus, Delta sensor labelled faucets use less water than the industry standard, meaning you can save money without sacrificing performance. And if that wasn't enough, Delta faucets with Diamond Seal Technology are designed to last twice as long as the industry standard.