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Delta Automatic Faucet Repair

Is there chaos on your hands?Start and stop water flow by touching anyplace on the kitchen spout with your wrist or forearm or manually using the single lever handle. Using the TempSense LED indicator light, which changes color to reflect water temperature, you can check your water temperature from across the room.

Whether you have two whole hands or ten filthy fingers, it makes no differencewhen you use this Touch2O Kitchen Faucet in Chrome with MagnaTite Docking. Tap any location on the spout or handle of the faucet with your hand, wrist, or forearm to start and stop the flow of water.ShieldSpray Technology uses a forceful jet of water inside a protected sphere to cut through complex problems, allowing you to spend less time soaking and scrubbing while generating 90% less splash than a regular spray.

It was the industry's first of its kind, and it now comes in a broader selection of styles, finishes, and possibilities than ever before. No matter where you touch, it's designed to provide you precise, responsive control every time. Using the faucet handle, you can effortlessly adjust and modify the water temperature above the deck.Touch-Clean Spray Holes in kitchen faucets make it simple to remove calcium and lime build-up with a simple swipe of your finger. Delta faucets are guaranteed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, allowing you to install them with confidence.Touch-Clean soft, rubber nubbins are only found on Delta faucets, allowing you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger.

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Delta Automatic Faucet Repair