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Deck Mounted Touchless Soap Dispenser

Touchless soap dispensers made by FontanaSensorFaucets are customers' preferred choice for their commercial restrooms. We make a variety of touchless soap dispensers that fit easily in every bathroom to enhance its magnificence. The Fontana faucets are the leading brand in making touchless soap dispensers. The structural layouts of our soap dispensers are very durable and strong. The strong, sturdy material is used in the structure of the soap dispenser to make them suitable for commercial use. They are durable and perform enduring functions without any snooping. Their finished surface prevents them from corrosion and rusting. Also, it gives a glazing look to your restroom. Fontana faucets' touchless soap dispensers are designed in such a way that they promote a sanitation environment. The sensor-based touchless system detects the motion of the hand and starts working. In this way, it can prevent the spreading of diseases and contamination. Also, avert soap wastage and save your money by sequizing predefined soap quantity. Our touchless soap dispensers are delicately manufactured and can be installed easily. Its deck-mounted installation requires less space in your restroom. You don't need extra effort in the form of money and labor for fitting. They have a spacious capacity for soap, so there is no need for frequent refilling. The touchless soap dispensers are suitable for working in the commercial area where they can withstand the frequent pressure of users of their strong body material. It can be installed in public restrooms, malls, and rushy regions. If you are looking for something amazing to make the place modern as well as keeping hygiene first, then check our these faucets collection to get the ideal product.