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The self power Fontana motion detection sensor faucets

In order to save water, the faucet is turned off automatically The clever bit is how SELF SENSOR faucets powers itself using a miniature hydroelectric generator to harness the pressurized water to top up a 9-volt rechargeable battery. According to the inventors, it generates an excess of power even once the audio and sensor circuits are accounted for, so the jingle never has to stop! it is powered by its own tiny hydroelectric generator technically called commercial sensor faucets or motion sensor faucets is state of the art, ADA Compliant, heavy duty lavatory automatic, electronic, motion Sensor Faucet, made of Solid Brass. Generally suitable for heavy traffic commercial and residential applications. These sturdy and reliable fixtures are perfect for commercial applications, you can select those sensor faucets at Fontana Sensor Faucets a great product at a great price currently the best priced automatic sensor faucets sold in the US. Made of solid brass with chrome over nickel over copper. We offer a wide selection of high-performance faucets, spouts, and valves specifically engineered to hold up to the rigorous demands of the commercial bathroom industry.

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