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Commercial Washroom Soap Dispensers

Commercial washroom soap dispensers are an excellent option for maintaining a clean and hygienic washroom environment. Easy-to-refill containers and automated sensor technology for touch-free operation make them user-friendly and convenient for washroom staff. Choose from a variety of options, including countertop and wall mount.

Commercial Washrooms Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers: It is a stunning commercial wall-mounted soap dispenser perfect for businesses and organisations prioritising hygiene and style in their washrooms. This dispenser is designed for easy wall mounting, providing a space-saving solution for smaller washroom spaces. The built-in infrared sensor technology allows for touch-free operation, promoting good hand hygiene.
Commercial Washrooms Countertop Soap Dispensers: It is one of the perfect combinations of style and function for any washroom environment. Made of high-quality brass, this dispenser is durable and long-lasting, maintaining a fresh appearance and color for years to come. It fits all US Standard plumbing requirements and is sure to impress both staff and washroom users alike.

Stainless Steel Automatic Commercial Soap Dispenser: The Fontana Showers automatic sensor soap dispenser is a great way to an upscale restroom facility. With its sleek and stylish design, this dispenser will impress washroom users. Unlike other soap dispensers that require the use of specific bottled soap at a heavy premium, this great dispenser allows easy refill with any liquid soap. Upgrade your washroom experience with our easy-to-use and stylish Commercial Washroom Soap Dispensers today.

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