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Commercial Touchless Faucet And Soap Dispenser

Commercially based, touchless faucets and soap dispensers are great for leading a modern lifestyle. The dual system allows the public bathroom to create an environment without germs contamination. They reduce the unattended water flow automatically. Installing a dual system is more recommended than going for single options. Let's learn more about them.
Fontana Verona touchless faucet and soap dispenser: The touchless dual system allows you to adjust the bathroom usage according to the needs of large traffic. The design and looks of this system are unique and classy for installation. They are equipped with high-technology and smart sensors that can easily sense motion. The water pressure and soap container can be adjusted.

Fontana showers solo commercial faucet with soap dispenser: This black-colored beast has a solo design with powerful performance and great features. It is convenient to be used for commercial purposes. Its temp control ability has comfortability for people in weather conditions. Moreover, they reduce the risk of getting ill after using commercial places.
Fontana Showers wall mount faucet with soap dispenser: This system gets up for work in getting large traffic of people handling them easily. They have a wall-mount installation, making it easy for people to get water and soap eventually. They can quickly drive through every type of situation. They can fit all standard US plumbing. It has solid construction. The commercial touchless faucet and soap dispenser will lead the innovative lifestyle in bathrooms with elegance.