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Commercial Soap Dispenser

Bacteria and viruses are easily transmitted becuase of unwanted touch, and sometimes you don't even directly get in contact; this risk becomes high in commercial areas. Hand washing is the best way of preventing the spread of germs, especially in this era of Covid 19. unlike this, the use of a manual soap dispenser increases the risk. Therefore, commercial soap dispensers with sensors are the best solution for preventing stem infectious disease transmission in industries, offices, and public places where many people interact with each other. Fontanasensorfaucets offers the best automatic commercial soap dispensers for the safety of people. Some of them come with attached automatic faucets. These products are made of high-quality and durable material and are available in various designs, styles, and finishes that give an adorable look to the bathrooms. Let's look at what type of commercial soap dispensers are available for customers here.

Types of Commercial Soap Dispensers

There are basically two types of soap dispensers available, but you can look for various finishes such as chrome, gold & others. You can choose between wall-mounted soap dispensers and deck-mounted soap dispensers as well.

Commercial Wall-Mounted Auto Soap Dispensers:

These soap dispensers are installed on the wall and are easy to maintain. These are specifically designed for industries where a large number of people visit. They keep the liquid from contamination and prevent germs from spreading due to touchless operation. They are considered the perfect choice for public bathrooms. You can use them in a single place also. Some of the best products that you can choose are given below;

Fontana Lenox bathroom commercial wall mounted motion sensor liquid automatic soap dispenser:

This wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser has a maximum capacity of about 5L, and it dispenses the soap perfectly. Its touchless sensor faucets prevent soap wastage and protect the users from contamination. It works on a multi-voltage power supply and is perfect for different projects. The solid brass construction made it long-lasting. The chrome finish gives an impressive look to the bathrooms.

Commercial Deck-Mounted Auto Soap Dispensers

Deck-mounted soap dispensers are perfect for installing decks, public sinks, and restaurants. They facilitate the customers with excellent performance with no mess and dirt. The infrared sensor activator gives clean restrooms. Some best options available on Fontanasensorfaucets for you, one of them is this;

Fontana Milan automatic sensor deck mounted commercial liquid foam soap dispenser:

This soap dispenser is the perfect choice for all types of commercial areas. Upgrading the bathrooms and sinks gives an appealing look to the place. It is made up of solid material and can deliver the best performance. It comes with maximum capacity and has an easy installation process.

Application of Commercial Soap Dispensers:

As the name shows, these soap dispensers are the best ones for commercial areas such as restrooms facilities, hospitals, industries, schools, and public bathrooms to provide a hygienic environment to the people. Commercial soap dispensers are great for upgrading the bathrooms and giving an appealing look to your place. On the Fontanasensorfaucets you will find many commercial soap dispensers, including auto and motion-sensor dispensers. We have discussed a few examples of autos that have an appealing look and deliver impressive performance.