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The Commercial Electronic Sensor Faucets

Fontana commercial sensor faucets are made to last under heavy traffic conditions. Without making any compromise on the design, they are built of solid brass, with a durable, stain-resistant surface. There are many names for an automatic faucet, they can be called commercial touchless faucet, sensor faucet, motion sensing faucet, infrared faucet, hands-free faucet, electronic faucet, but the working principle behind all these names is the same. This type of faucet features a built-in infrared sensor that detects the presence of the hands and motion, which triggers the opening of the water valve.
Best no touch public restroom sink faucet!

Best no touch public restroom sink faucet!

After a predefined period of time, or when the presence of hands in motion is no longer detected, the infrared sensor will automatically shut the water off. Most models are battery operated and allow the adjustment of the timing and even the sensitivity of the sensor. Water waste is greatly reduced and accidental flooding is also avoided. Besides the obvious economical and environmental advantages, the use of these faucets also significantly reduces the risk of transmission of germs, as there is no skin contact with any part of the faucet. This makes commercial electronic faucets a perfect choice for public restrooms in malls, airports, restaurant, hotels and similar facilities. These touchless faucets can also be found in private residences; an infrared electronic faucet can prove to be very useful for people suffering from arthritis or similar conditions that involve reduced mobility. It is also a great help for parents with small kids, eliminating the need of constant checking if they turned the water off.

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