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Commercial Bathroom Faucet With Sensor

Bathroom faucets are basic ones in the bathroom because you can't use tap water for various purposes without them. Commercial bathrooms need faucets with sensors because of their high usage. These motion sensor faucets cut down the unattended water flow and prevent the germs from spreading by touching the tap every time. So let's count on a commercial bathroom faucet with sensor, which is discussed below.
1. Fontana automatic sensor waterfall faucet
This touchless design is immaculate and convenient for users because it is equipped with sensitive motion sensors. This faucet offers a commercial bathroom look into contemporary design. It is made with a gold finish and an anti-rust surface. It is best for commercial usage because excellent switching time with 1.6 mpa water pressure.
2. Fontana LEO all-in-one sensor faucet
It is made with the highest quality material for making bathroom faucets. It is powered by using super-sealed technology of sensitive sensors. Its design is elegant and appeals to the eyes of people using it. This sensor faucet comes with a sixty-second time out, preventing the water flood if left unattended.
3. Fontana mirage commercial sensor faucet
This touchless commercial sensor faucet is specially made for commercial bathrooms because of its high functionality and stylish design. It offers ease of mind because this sensor faucet's surface is anti-erosion and anti-abrasion. For heavy commercial usage, this sensor faucet performs very well. It has an energy-saving design.
Conclusion: Any commercial bathroom faucet with sensor provides high durability and excellent performance at any cost. So you can easily select anyone from the list.

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