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Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucets

The Fontana Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucets are made to fulfill all the commercial needs. The look of its material does not clash with anything and gives the bathrooms a glorious appeal. Be it traditional or modern, these faucets are the highlight of every bathroom changing the aesthetics completely. These faucets are made from a very high-quality material despite being cost-effective. The material ensures durability as well as lasts for a lifetime. This is very important for a commercial toilet as the faucets are used very roughly with minimal care, thus they should be very high quality.

Along with this, the material does not show any water spots and scratches. The fine quality material also prevents any harmful substance from passing through ensuring the water remains clean and pure. The automatic sensor feature proves to be very practical and neat. It works when the sensor detects hand motions to determine whether to turn the water on or off. When the hand comes in front of the water it turns on while it turns off when removing your hand. In commercial toilets, the problem of water wastage is concerning as a lot of people seem to forget to turn the faucet off.

With the water turning on or off automatically no such problem occurs. Added to this if the faucet is turned on or off manually it causes a lot of germs to spread with the numerous people touching the faucet. Sensor faucets ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

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