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Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucets

Touchless faucet creates a more hygienic choice in washing hands in public spaces. ADA compliant commercial restroom and lavatory motion activated faucet is a touchless and magnetic sensor faucet. It features a sensor, touch motion detector that prevents bridge after wetting your hands and keeps the edge of your basin clear. After washing your face, you wouldn't have to move the knob and switch it off. It is really handy and tidy. This product is an automatic bathroom water tap: The chrome vanity washer is controlled remotely on and off either by detector. It provides the touch less washing completely. It has temperature settings accuracy. It features a warm and cold nozzle with heat mixers installed. You should set the temperature of the water by the temperature regulator if you like.

The bathroom electronic socket is automatically switched on/off by the sensor. It's really simple to use. The faucet does have a hands-free feature, so you wouldn't have to grip the knob pre and post you use the faucet. The commodity is convenient and tidy. This comes with all requisite equipment including necessary hardware, US basic threaded mounting, hot/cold nozzles, temperature regulator and remote controller. Both parts for installation are included. There is no need to buy any spare pieces. It is advised to install professionally.

It has a suitable deck width of 0.78in/20mm and a hole size of 0.78in/20mm-1.18in/30mm. The plate on the deck is detachable. It's better to leave it looking fine. The materials used in this item are luxury corrosion resistant, multi-layer chrome coating, seamless feel, and beautiful appearance, rust-proof and robust, drip-free, seamless feel, resistant to cracks, corrosion and tainting.

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