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Chicago Sensor Lavatory Faucet

The chicago sensor lavatory faucet by FontanaSensorFaucets is the next generation of restaurant bathroom technology. Fontana presents a blend of modern and traditional design features. Among the attractive fixtures for hotels and restrooms is the restaurant chicago sensor lavatory faucet by Fontana. Restaurants with this faucet will look more classy and polished. Installing these incredible restaurants chicago sensor lavatory faucets in your restaurants' bathrooms will enhance the elegance of the restrooms.

They are especially suitable for commercial establishments. There are several colors, style, and finish options available for this faucet. Besides oil-rubbed nickel, they are also available in stainless steel, brass, gold, and black. These finishes and colors are suitable for every exterior bathroom. There is a wide choice of finishes and colors to choose from. You can also choose from different styles. Wall-mounted and deck-mounted models are available. They come with waterfall designs in some cases.

It is a touchless faucet that does not require touching to turn it on and off. There are microchips in it that operate through infrared technology. As soon as the human body is detected, the water is pumped out. They are powered by a high-capacity alkaline battery. Infrared radiations radiated by the body are detected by sensors on the chips. Preventing water loss will be possible. It will be possible to stop the unattended water flow. It is wonderful to use these technologies in public places because fewer germs are transmitted. By preventing the spread of germs, you can ensure your customers are protected against deadly diseases. Hygiene is guaranteed with this product. Designed to fit any US plumbing style.