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Brushed Nickel Countertop Soap Dispensers Public Toilets

FontanaSensorFaucets has provided it’s customers with the best quality bathroom fixtures. With a great variety of modern and traditional designs, you are sure to find something according to your liking. FontanaSensorFaucets offer durable bathroom products that will last a long while, so you do not have to worry about early replacement. Whether you want to give your bathroom a traditional look or a modern one, you can search the vast variety and find the most suitable ones.

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Automatic soap dispensers are now used in modern bathrooms, and the great variety available can make it easier to choose. FontanaSensorFaucets have a great collection of automatic brushed nickel soap dispensers. Some brushed nickel soap dispensers come in wall-mount designs while others are also available in deck-mount models. These touchless automatic soap dispensers are ideal for being used in commercial and residential places. Some models have long neck designs while others may have shorter necks. Made of a durable brushed nickel design, these soap dispensers last quite a while.

Brushed nickel is a very durable and strong design, that maintains its look for a good long while. Apart from being durable, this finish is easy to maintain because it does not show water spots easily and is easier to clean than other finishes. It is also comparatively less expensive than other finishes and can go well with most, if not all modern and traditional bathroom fixtures. With a great variety available in markets today, you can easily find the best ones for your bathroom.

This Brushed Nickel Soap Dispenser with Smooth Nozzle adds a sophisticated touch to any bathroom design. This dispenser would add versatility to the facility because it comes with a 48-inch hose that will match 1-gallon soap or 12 oz. lotion container that will be discreetly tucked under the drain to avoid refills. Fontana soap dispensers are equipped to hold a one-gallon container of soap, allowing for fast refills. The soap dispenser also has a 12 oz. soap compartment.

Auto Soap Dispenser can add comfort and beauty to any bathroom. These soap dispensers have a 48-inch (4-foot) hose that fits a 1 refill soap bottle or a 12-ounce gel bottle. The soap dispenser container and hose are concealed under the table, giving your sink a tidy and polished appearance. The nozzle is available in either a straight or curved shape. Fontana also has a wide range of finishes and designs to complement the current décor. A 4 foot versatile hose is included that connects to a 1 gallon soap pump, reducing the number of refills. The 12 ounce soap bottle is concealed under the sink and is readily accessible under the counter for refills. If used with the provided under counter plastic soap bottle, this dispenser can also be filled from the top. Many counter tops, like granite and marble, are compatible with the longer shank. Avoid using Ultra or Platinum mark materials because they can raise the chance of clogging while still reducing functionality and product life. If you're using a stronger soap or lotion, dilute it with water.