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Bronze Soap Dispenser

While we don’t usually pay attention, hand soap has undergone a significant revolution over the past few years. We have seen a shift from solid soap bars to liquid soap pumped through dispensers. Initially, these dispensers were pumped manually, but they developed into the most recent hands-free, touchless soap dispensers. Bronze soap dispensers are one of the many available finishes. Here is everything you need to know about bronze soap dispensers.

Bronze Soap Dispensers and Its Types

Bronze soap dispensers are available in two different styles; deck mounted and wall mounted soap dispensers. Both are commonly used for commercial purposes. Here are some of the options you can select from.

1. Deck-Mount Bronze Soap Dispensers

As the name suggests, these soap dispensers require installation space on deck. Every time you put your hand under the sensor, a specific amount of liquid soap is dispensed. Here are some of the options for bronze soap dispensers.

Fontana Marseille Tri Pod Commercial Motion Sensor Faucet & Automatic Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser for Restrooms in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

This soap dispenser is made with brass and comes in an antique bronze look. This touchless soap dispenser is an easily operated device with a germ-free handwashing experience. Just put your hand under this to dispense the amount of soap needed. It can easily be used in commercial restrooms.

Fontana Trio Commercial Dark Bronze Brass Deck Mount Automatic Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser

This automatic rustproof brass body dispenser is available in an elegant dark bronze rubbed finish. This versatile dispenser can be filled with dish soap, hand soap, or lotion in commercial bathrooms and kitchens. The wide opening allows easy pouring, preventing stains on the sink. The tall and slim design can hold 5L of liquid soap.

2. Automatic Bronze Soap Dispensers

Wall-mounted soap dispensers are the new and trendy dispensers that work without touch operation and provide extra space on the deck.  You just need to place your hand below the dispenser, and the soap will dispense on your hand. Here are some of the best options.

Fontana Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Commercial Automatic Sensor Faucet With Insight Infrared Technology

This automatic soap dispenser is one of today's best-rated luxury faucets and soap dispensers. This soap dispenser supports a 100% touch-free operation and is best used in high-traffic public bathrooms. Equipped with built-in infrared technology, it supports a no-touch washing experience, making it suitable for commercial places like hospitals, public restrooms, etc.

Fontana Rio Commerical Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Brass Wall-Mount Faucet

This automatic brass faucet has an elegant full dark oil-rubbed bronze finish. The built-in filter makes it easy to maintain and clean. The solid brass body ensures durability and longevity. This faucet is best for commercial use, including in places like public restrooms, hospitals, etc.

Where to Use Bronze Soap Dispensers?

Bronze soap dispensers are used in different commercial places like public restrooms, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, etc., to ensure the best hygiene. Bronze soap dispensers are commonly used in commercial places like those discussed above. While you’ll see manual ones in most areas, some modern commercial restrooms also have automatic bronze soap dispensers installed.