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Brass Soap Dispenser

We have never known about the importance of washing hands more now. Living in the Covid-19 pandemic and after it, we have seen the importance of handwashing. We constantly need soaps to wash our hands at this crucial time, and liquid soap dispensers are a great option. You’re in luck because we are to help you know more about brass soap dispensers. Let’s dive in.

Types of Brass Soap Dispensers

Brass soap dispensers are a new addition to the list of commercial bathroom fixtures. Brass soap dispensers are of two types; they are either manual or automatic. Here the two are described below, along with a few options.

1. Wall Mounted Brass Soap Dispensers

Manual brass soap dispensers use a push button to dispense a suitable amount of soap on your hand. You have to press the button to get soap on your hand. Here are some of the options.

Fontana Milan Solid Brass Bathroom Wall-Mount Dispenser

This solid brass bathroom liquid soap dispenser is designed with solid brass material and is available in a beautiful gold finish. It supports a wall-mount installation method and operates with a push button. Its elegant look and easy use make it best suited for commercial use.

Fontana Chatou Gold Wall-Mount Commerical Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser

Fontana commercial liquid soap dispenser has an elegant dark oil-rubbed brass body. It supports a convenient built-in filter for easy cleaning. With a huge soap holding capacity, this soap dispenser works with a multi-voltage power supply, making it the best choice for commercial use.

2. Deck Mounted Brass Soap Dispensers

Deck-mounted dispensers are easier and safer to use than their wall-mounted counterparts because they don’t need separate space for installation. Under these dispensers, you just need to place your hand below it, and the required amount of soap will be dispensed on your hand. Here are two options for the best deck-mounted soap dispensers.

Dijon Hand-Free Deck-Mount Brass Finish Soap Dispenser

Dijon hand-free soap dispenser supports a solid brass finish and comes in a unique deck-mount design. It can be easily installed on the sink. This soap dispenser is an aesthetic addition in places where soap dispensers are an important component. It supports an accurate infrared motion detection sensor for easy, touchless operation.

Duplicate Fontana Sensor Deck Mount Commercial Soap Dispenser in Antique Brass Finish

The brass soap dispenser is a stylish brushed brass soap dispenser suitable for commercial use. The high-quality soap dispenser comes in deck-mounted style with a common US installation method. It is a reliable and durable soap pump with a contemporary look. The modern and attractive look makes it suitable for commercial use.

Applications of Brass Soap Dispensers

Automatic and manual brass soap dispensers are commonly found in commercial areas like shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, public restrooms, office buildings, etc. Among the many types of soap dispensers used commercially, you’ll find manual and automatic brass soap dispensers. They are used so commonly because of their easy operation and handling. We have enlisted some of the best options for you above.