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Bradley Automatic Faucet Troubleshooting

The automatic faucet is Mostly used in every place nowadays in this era. The most modernized era from the long past. Automatic faucets provide a touchless experience so that if that faucet is installed at a public place, it should not become the source of germs or virus spread. In some conditions, the faucet uses to stop working or doesn’t respond even if we put the hand in contact. There installed a sensor, a push-button. The malfunctioning of any of these can cause this problem which we have to troubleshoot.

Troubleshooting the problem will lead us to open the faucet and its mechanism to see the origin of the problem. There installed a circuit to operate the whole mechanism and use to monitor the operations. Below are the point to troubleshoot the automatic faucet

• We will take out the circuit board and test the solenoid and batteries
• We will test the sensor eyes and circuit board
As we remove the circuit board. We will connect another battery to the solenoid to check whether it is working or not. There installed two circuit stations and two eyes sensor for each one. We will unplug one sensor eye and replace it with other circuits. We will check the sensor is working or not. When we attach it to the 2nd station it will respond by float water from the faucet or try to signal with blinking light. It depends on the manufacturer who set the mechanism to check its working.

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