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Black Wall Mount Sensor Faucets

Fontana motion sensor faucets come in stylish black finish. The sensor faucets are made of solid brass construction and are designed to give years of performance and quality looks. The Black finish gives out a unique statement for commercial restroom design style. Black faucets give a stupendous touch to the bathroom. It looks fascinating and sits well with any kind of bathroom theme.

We deal with numerous styles of black wall mount sensor faucets. These are sleek and stylish spouts fixed in-wall and work with infrared technology. These don't have any handle to control water flow and senses object beneath the sensor to operate. Smart Bathrooms is best application to have in any public restroom, not only saves water but most important its' touchless operation minimize spread of germs, going hygienic with the assistance of its automatic high-end technology minimie contamination and cross contamination. Our exotic collection includes simple plain rod type faucets or somewhat large in diameter. These look stylish when displayed on the skin area. Moreover, these need less space to fix thus make a perfect option for small bathrooms.

Furthermore, these faucets are the choice of many public bathrooms now. It is because these are touchless and need zero contact. Thus, there are likely no chances of transfer of germs from one hand to the other. It is an ideal option to install in public toilets. The sensor faucets are easy to use. It offers no wastage of water. Water only flows when it senses water underneath the sensor and immediately stops when there is no hand under the tap. The black wall mount sensor faucet looks elegant. These are made with sturdy brass material with a fine black finish. It is resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, you will find no finger marks and water spots on the faucet. Thus, its cleaning is very easy. You only need a damp cloth to remove the water spots and give it a neat look.

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