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Best Touchless Faucets

People are increasingly investing in modern technology. The bathroom started to be renovated. The recent and updated technology is very appealing for the eye and provides the ones who opt for these with a good bathroom experience.

Not only does this technology complement other bathroom accessories but it comes with extremely diverse features that are fun to explore and use. One of the examples of this advanced technology or touchless faucets that are very high in demand recently and increasingly bought to have some contemporary and unique style in the bathroom.

Why are touch less faucets so high in demand recently?

Such faucets are a perfect example of convenience and eye-catching device.Think of all the pushing,twisting and shifting you don't have to do in the presence of a touch less faucet especially when your both hands might be busy due to holding something.

Other than this touch less faucet are just another way to adopt a hygienic lifestyle. Not touching the faucet introduces less risk of spreading germs and diseases all around the house. You will also not grease your faucet by touching it with dirty hands.

Issues of leaky hoses and water dripping is also resolved due to no water wastage and lastly the faucet design itself is so eye catching that one has to convince themselves to buy.

If you're also interested in buying a touch less faucet for your bathroom then you need to be familiar with the amazing faucet sets of FontanaSensorFaucets.

1. Fontana Sierra Commercial High Quality Touchless Automatic Sensor White Sink Faucet

If you're not into extravagant and luxurious designs but still want to opt for something unique then this type is best for you. Its minimalistic design is very eye catching. Brass style,white finish , this faucet requires two holes for installation. The contemporary style of this faucet fits perfectly and complements your other bathroom accessories.

Its installation type is deck mount and frees up to your sink or countertop. The electroplated surface treatment along with its classic style and single holder hole makes this faucet one of the best in the game and perfectly suitable for commercial use namely in public bathrooms,hotels,restaurants and hospitals to best utilize its features.

2. Fontana Sierra Commercial Automatic Touchless Sensor Faucet

This automatic faucet is well known for reducing water wastage because it instantly reduces unnecessary water flow and wastage and provides water only when it's actually needed. This is because they shut themselves after 30 seconds when not needed, also preventing water leakage and accidental flooding.

Being handsfree allows it to reduce the risk of germ and grease spreading as well allowing you to adapt to a hygienic lifestyle because of not touching the handles,something you wouldn't have experienced on usual.

It has 0.5-7.0 KGS/CM, 10-125 PSI water pressure and is made out of solid brass with a beautiful chrome finish. Ambient temperature and all the other efficient and precise features allows it to be perfect for commercial usage be it public or private restrooms and even hospitals,hotels and restaurants.

3. Fontana Commercial Gold Finish Touchless Automatic Sensor Faucet

This extremely luxurious design is best if you want to add some elegance to your bathroom. Its style,finishes and shape is all what you're looking for. The flowing of this faucet is extremely ideal for your hand washing or any other every day tasks.

The elegant designs are best to complement your bathroom decor and add some flavor on its own. Inside of it is a super seal technology that it comes with making it compatible to deliver superior performance along with its solid construction made for long durability.

This faucet set has contemporary style with a polished surface treatment. The deck mounted installation type and single hole faucet mount are other features. 0.3-7.0 MPA is estimated to be the water pressure and has touch free operation making it extremely suitable for commercial use applications.