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Best Brands Touchless Faucets

Fontana Verona Cold & Hot Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucets are becoming the most convenient fixtures that every bathroom must have. However, choosing the right one that not only stands the test of time but also looks amazing in the bathroom is important. These ingenious devices, powered by sensors, provide a hands-free solution for washing hands. Let's chat about some of the best brands touchless faucets. Looking for a brand that provides a sleek, modern faucet that not only looks good but also saves water? Fontana Verona is one of those. With its sensor technology, it only dispenses water when needed, avoiding any wastage. Plus, its cold and hot water function adds an extra layer of comfort.

Fontana Rio Commercial Goose Neck Touchless Faucet

Fontana Rio is a brand especially for those who appreciate class and functionality. Their gooseneck faucet design is a nod to classic styles, while its sensor-driven operation brings in the future. The perfect blend of elegance and efficiency of this faucet makes it a favorite among businesses.

Fontana Bravat Black Touchless Motion Sensor Faucet

Fontana Bravat is one such premium brand that is not only considerable for commercial bathrooms but also for personal bathroom spaces. The matte black finish goes with almost all kinds of bathroom decor. Moreover, the touchless feature incorporating motion sensor technology makes it a valuable option. These are some of the best brands touchless faucets on the market. Each one brings something unique to the table - be it style, functionality, or innovation.