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Best Automatic Soap Dispenser

While most people wouldn't have given it much thought, hand soap has significantly evolved in the last 50 years. We’ve started from solid soap bars, heading to more convenient options like liquid soaps pumped through dispensers. Initially, these soap dispensers were manual but developed into automatic, touchless ones. If you want to upgrade your handwashing experience, these automatic soap dispensers are a great option. Automatic soap dispensers use sensors that detect the motion of the hand and dispense a suitable amount of soap. Here is everything you need to know about automatic soap dispensers.

Types of Automatic Soap Dispensers

There are two different types of automatic soap dispensers based on their installation method. These soap dispensers are either mounted to the wall of the deck/sink. Here are the two types of automatic soap dispensers and a few options to choose from.

1. Wall-Mount Automatic Soap Dispensers

Wall-Mount Automatic soap dispensers are installed directly on the wall near the sink. Here are a few options to choose from.

Fontana Reno Commercial Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze Automatic Wall-mount Soap Dispenser

The Reno commercial automatic soap dispenser comes in a solid brass body with an elegant oil-rubbed finish, perfect for commercial bathrooms. It is powered by an AC 100-240 V voltage and is easy to maintain with the built-in filter. This automatic touchless soap dispenser is best for commercial use in offices, public restrooms, etc.

Fontana Commercial Wall Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Fontana wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser is a commercial-use automatic soap dispenser suitable for liquid soaps and sanitizers. The automatic touch-free soap dispenser has a 1500ml soap capacity. It is made with durable brass with chroming to give a lifelong experience.

2. Deck-Mount Automatic Soap Dispensers

Deck-Mount automatic soap dispensers are installed on the deck or the sink directly. Here are a few options for automatic deck-mount soap dispensers.

Fontana Gold Automatic Sensor Deck Mount Liquid-Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser supports a simple and minimalist design that makes it easy to maintain. It is available in gold brushed finishing, making it the right choice for all commercial places, including factorize, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. This soap dispenser holds almost a 2-liter capacity.

Commercial Automatic Automatic Foam Sensor Soap Dispenser

The commercial automatic infrared foam sensor soap dispenser offers a fantastic shape, finish, and style, perfect for commercial use. This commercial sensor soap dispenser is amongst the best quality soap dispensers with a trendy and elegant design.

Applications of Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers are used in different commercial areas, including hospitals, public restrooms, airports, restaurants, offices, etc. Automatic soap dispensers are a unique addition to modern commercial bathrooms. There are different types of automatic soap dispensers available in the market today. Here we have given you some options for soap dispensers you can choose from. Moreover, the most popular use of these automatic soap dispensers is in commercial places.