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Automatic Temp Faucet

Automatic temperature faucets are the products by Fontana faucets that are automatic and enhance the overall ambiance of the place they are fitted in. These faucets come with a smart Ai chip that controls the working of the automatic soap dispensers and other faucets making them fit for use and efficient. These faucets are rust proof and can be maintained easily as they do not need special care and are durable. The Fontana products have high quality material that makes them fit for any public restroom and private use. Automatic feature of water temperature control comes with these products and the water temperature can be controlled according to preference.

The automatic soap dispensers and other faucets have motion sensors that allow them to sense the motion of hand. The default setting of water flow is 50 seconds which can also be changed afterwards. The faucets come with hoses and accessories and the complete package is easy to fit as it comes with instructions and are compatible with US plumbing systems. The automatic quality controls the transmission of germs as the tap is not touched and the soap dispensers also sense the movement of hands making it reliable to use. The faucets come in elegant design and different colors including matte black, rose gold, silver and gold giving the users a variety to choose from.

HighTech Automatic Temp Faucet