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Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers

Check our selection of Sensor Activated Soap Dispensers. Our contact less hands free soap dispensers are perfect for hygienic in any commercial or public restroom. You will find many styles and finish that best fit any restroom décor. Our selection auto hand soap dispenser are all solid brass vandal resistance touchless soap dispensers. All Fontana automatic soap dispenser are made of stainless steel so they are made to last.

The automatic soap dispenser uses the latest design to make the product unique, amazing outlook. An infrared sensor is added to its feature to make the dispenser more convenient and up to date standards. The standing adjustable button with the latest Ai technology. The stainless steel material makes the dispenser durable. The high-quality material increases the resistance of the steel. A waterproof basement is a very high standard to save the product from any physical harm. The waterproof technology protects the soap from dripping and corrosion. But the bad thing is that there is no screw to separate the basement. Infrared detection sensor that adds the automatic function to make the dispenser touchless.

Features and Functions
As there is no system of physical touch to make the dispenser function easy. The high and upgraded infrared detection sensor increases the long life of its functionality. You can get soap quickly by using this technology. Washing hands becomes easy and comfortable. Enhanced motor power boosts the working capacity of the overall dispenser. To prevent leakage and drops the latest technology 3A does this function. You need not worry to push any kind of button but just put your hands under the sensor and it will open up giving the flow of soap. The stainless steel increases its durability and makes its lifespan long-lasting.

Applicable to a variety of soft liquids like water, soap, shampoo, lotions, and many other forms. Typically uses in public houses, offices, restrooms, and restaurants as well. All the standards meet the US demands.

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Modena Chrome Finish Electronic Soap Dispenser Modena Chrome Finish Electronic Soap Dispenser
Retail Price: $448.48
starting at: $417.44
Modena Brushed Nickel Finish Electronic Soap Dispenser Modena Brushed Nickel Finish Electronic Soap Dispenser
Retail Price: $448.48
starting at: $421.05
Genoa Ultra Modern Chrome Electronic Soap Dispenser Genoa Ultra Modern Chrome Electronic Soap Dispenser
Retail Price: $618.80
starting at: $457.79
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