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Automatic Soap Dispensers Commercial Restrooms

Cross-contamination is a problem in commercial restrooms. But there's a simple solution to this problem, i.e., a touchless soap dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers automatically deliver controlled amounts of hand soap or hand sanitizer and can reduce cross-contamination on hands. Automatic soap dispensers are easy to install, maintain, and refill. These dispensers do not require user intervention other than inserting the soaps into the wall sockets. This system works with any type of soap and any type of liquid hand sanitizer, making it a versatile addition to any facility. We at Fontana Sensor Faucets know how important a good clean environment is for your business. We provide your visitor a 100% hygienic handwashing experience by introducing these durable hard and stainless steel automatic soap dispensers in any commercial restroom environment.
You don't need to worry about the safety measures as these latest technology sensors create a convenient soap dispensing process without any unwanted touch. These faucets also have US standard installation method. It is so easy to install them, and there is no need to call experts for fitting at any commercial site. Moreover, you can use all types of liquid soaps and foaming products to fill the dispenser box. An indicator shows the quantity of soap in dispensers to ensure non-stop soap availability. This multi-functional and heavy-duty product is ideal for the restrooms where plenty of people visit in a day. This high-quality product makes cleaning activities more secure and safe. So, don't waste your time and check our best collection of touchless soap dispensers.