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Automatic Soap Dispensers Connecting IoT

Increased awareness of hand hygiene for Smart Bathroom Solutions drives the growing health consciousness among consumers for the automatic soap dispenser segment that are connecting IoT (Internet of Things) devices to their products, providing a sanitary no-touch experience without any spillage of water or soap solution. This has enabled more benefits to users, such as ensuring that people wash their hands properly for 20 seconds as per WHO recommendations. Automation in soap dispensers due to IoT is accepted widely as it not only gives a premium feel but also helps maintain top-notch hygiene. The market is witnessing increased demand from healthcare, hospitality, residential, education, corporates, and various government agencies and militaries. The market saw a surge in demands, with the latest IoT-automatic soap dispensers are designed with sensors that will dispense the hand wash liquid in the precise quantity as programmed in the device. This is seen as a 100% safe method to handle the device, and very minimal wastage of resources takes place. A large number of devices are connected securely with the help of local Wi-Fi networks and share the data to the internet frequently. IoT-connected devices share information regarding the consumable levels, frequency of use, and other information, which benefits end-users.