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Automatic Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel

If you want to give a sleek and eye-catching appearance to your bathrooms, restrooms, offices and other commercial places with a unique soap dispenser ,then there is nothing better choice for you than Fontana’s stainless steel automatic soap dispenser. Fontana sensor Faucets brand satisfies the costumer with high-quality and unique kitchen and bathroom gadgets including faucets and soap dispensers. Automatic stainless steel soap dispenser is the best product of this brand. Along with providing the complete hygienic environment, this soap dispenser gives the elegant appearance to the contemporary bathrooms and public places. It works on infrared sensor technology that provides touchless operation and ensures the safety from germs, bacterial and other diseases. Sue to IR sensor technology, it radially detects the hand under pump and delivers the requirement amount of soap.

The stainless steel construction enhances its durability and elevates the appeal of the decor. It comes with different types of finishes including chrome, nickel, and brass that provide a leading lifestyle to the costumer. Comes with quantity and time adjust ability option. It has large capacity and can fill about 800 ml to 1 L liquid soap in it. Powered by AC 220-240V and DC 6V power supply and 4 AA Alkaline batteries. The other unique feature and functioning includes a solenoid valve having self-adjusting sensor range with activation time less than one second. It provides the soap with 1-4.5ml/s flow rate. It has easy installation and refilling process and fits to all US standard plumbing. This modern and adorable soap dispenser is perfect for commercial and residential use.