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Automatic & Sensor Bathroom Sink Faucets Restaurants

On a commercial scale automatic and sensor bathroom faucets and soap dispensers are the best possible bathroom accessory that can be used. They are very hygienic and very clean in terms of sanitation. Our sensor faucets and soap dispensers are embodiment of quality and functionality. The automatic infrared sensor does wonders in commercial usage such as public bathrooms and restaurants. In restaurants, having a clean environment is a must so sensor faucets prevent the actual touching on the faucets to turn them on and off. In this way, the germs or the contaminating bacteria that are on the hands or the skin do not reach the faucet and healthy sanitary conditions are kept. And similar is the case with the soap dispensers.

Also, in public bathrooms a lot of water is wasted as the people forget or due to carelessness forget to turn off the tap. Through sensor faucet this problem is avoided because the water automatically stops when it detects it is not in use. Of course, to keep things going, the faucets and soap dispensers require a solid build quality so that they may last a long term. Therefore, the construction is done through very string materials. The valve is made of ceramic to keep it rust free even after long term usage and the rest of the unit is made of brass to keep it solid and sturdy. The functionality and strength is complimented by elegant looks that are going to attract a lot of eyes.