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Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucet

Since current designs and technology have found their way into bathroom accessories, touchless faucets have become one of the most desired products, especially in commercial settings. The various finishes on this automatic sensor bathroom faucet from FontanaSensorFaucets are gorgeous and come in a variety of colors. The all-brass construction demonstrates its durability and helps to its long-term usage. Its design was based on the assumption that it would be used for commercial purposes and so needed to survive for a long time. Because you don't have to touch the faucet and there is no contact with pathogens, this is great for business toilets. You may simply have them put in your home because the style is contemporary and beautiful. Touchless faucets are more costly than traditional faucets, but they are also handier. They are especially simple to use by youngsters, who sometimes have difficulties reaching the faucet settings in the kitchen or bathroom. Thet can also provide you with additional features as well. Like, at FontanaSensorFaucets, we have automatic faucets that come with water mixer so you can easily switch between hot and cold water. They are also available with touchless soap dispensers that provide additional hygiene which is essential for commercial bathrooms. The fun part is there is variety in designs as well so whether the bathroom is a little vintage designed or a modern looking one, we got it covered. The appeal and functionality of these faucets is completely worth the price tag that they offer.

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Commercial Bathroom Sink Faucet Fontana Sierra Bathroom Sink Faucet
Retail Price: $639.23
starting at: $598.02
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Retail Price: $990.00
starting at: $741.02