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Automatic Off Faucet

Automatic off faucets have multiple striking features. These features made it the most demanding among customers. These faucets reduce the water wastage by automatic shut-off system. The time frame is 30 seconds after which it stops functioning. This time frame is adjustable as well. The solid, strong body makes these faucets resistant to any type of damage. This ensures the long-term durable and reliable performance of these faucets with no dripping and leakage. It makes them ideal for commercial purposes too. As in commercial purposes, the use of faucets is quite high. So they can be used in hospitals, public toilets, shopping malls, restaurants etc.

The finished surface of the faucet with chrome made it glare and brighten your restroom. It will also protect your faucets from corrosion and dulling. These are available in simple and contemporary styles. The sizes are so suitable that it looks attractive when fitted in the restroom. This technology design is so simple that it can be easily installed on the wall and deck mount. It is easy to use by any person. The most striking and notable feature is it enhances the hygiene level. When no one will touch it while using it, it can reduce the transmission of germs and spreading of disease. In this way, it will uplift the hygiene standard and give a leading lifestyle to your washroom. It makes your washroom appealing and eye-catching. These faucets will seamlessly fit in your modern washroom and will further enhance the look of your washroom.

HighTech Automatic Off Faucet