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Automatic Kohler Faucet

An automatic faucet became the need of this contemporary era. Faucets are an Essential part of washrooms and bathrooms. It provides a luxurious and premium feel in your Washroom. It Will cherish the look and grace of your washroom. An automatic Kohler faucet will seek your attention whenever you enter the bathroom. The interaction with futuristic automatic gadgets provides a Feel of the advanced and enhanced washroom. The automatic feature gives a handless experience. The automatic feature uses to work with the sensor installed in Faucet. The sensor enables the water to flow through the water outlet. There installed an Infrared blaster(IR) it uses to detect the hand in a specific area under the Faucet. As the hand comes in contact with these infrared rays, an infrared blaster uses to send a signal to the open water outlet of the faucet to resume water flow until the hands leave the infrared interaction. As the hands leave the specific infrared area, it will stop the flow of water in a moment.

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HighTech Automatic Kohler Faucet