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Automatic Hand Sanitizers

This automatic hand sanitizer is a perfect match for a contemporary look restroom. The elegant look of this automatic hand sanitizercatches the attention at very first sight. You can easily mix and match this hand sanitizer with any faucet, depends on your choice. It is equipped with infrared ray emission and reception technology that makes its use easy and touch-free. By the dint, of its fine finishing, it adds a sparkle to the decoration of the restroom. The decoration is purely a combination of great tastes and top-notch products. Furthermore, high-quality products have been used in its construction. And because of this feature, its durability and reliability factor enhances.

It is also equipped with the time and amount adjustment i.e. an individual can easily fix the amount and dispensing time without any trouble. Not only this, but it can also be used in diverse places. Furthermore, it is to install and also equipped with remote control. This automatic hand sanitizer is designed in such a way that it become non-leakage, no trailing, and anti-dripping. One advantage that it gives to the consumer is the large capacity. Its large capacity saves your precious time by preventing the trouble of refilling. This is best suited to be used at restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, public facilities, and public restrooms. Not only this, but you can also use it in residential areas. The sleek design of this automatic hand sanitizer made it fall under the category of contemporary products. Therefore, even after 7 to 8 years, it will give a voguish look to your restroom.

Automatic hand sanitizers are hygienic for sanitizing your hands without touching them. These products are of high quality and have a stylish design that is eye-catching, voguish, and gives a contemporary look to the restrooms, public bathrooms, and places where you install them. They come in a variety of styles that you can also mix up with faucets. These top-notch products have brushed nickel or chrome finishing that gives an elegant look to the restrooms. The high-quality metal material makes it more durable and reliable for customers. The fine finishing is perfect for the beautiful bathrooms. The automated hand sanitizers of the Fontana sensor are equipped with infrared ray emission and reception technology that makes it easy for all. Due to this technology they are safe to use as IR sensor protects from germs contamination. They have a large capacity (up to 1000 ml volume) which means you can fill up to 1 L alcohol in these. The liquid outlet has a non-trailing, non-leakage, and anti-dripping design. The remote control system is used to adjust the time and amount of the liquid. Thatís why you donít need to worry about overflowing or wastage of the liquid inside it. They work on AC & DC*4A battery power supply & come with 3- year warranty. These hand sanitizer dispensers are perfect for commercial use, such as restrooms, hospitals, restaurants, public washrooms, and residential use. You can also use them in offices for safe hand sanitization. They are easy to install and fit all US plumbing.

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Fontana Commercial Automatic Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser Fontana Commercial Automatic Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser
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