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Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Hygiene is always important, and never has handwashing been more important as in the Covid-19 era. In these Covid times, doctors have emphasized the need to wash hands to avoid the spread of the virus constantly. Touchless, automatic foam soap dispensers tend to be a great invention in these times. You don't even need to touch the dispenser to get the soap. These perfectly designed devices prevent the risk of bacteria and germs from reaching your hands. Here is what you need to know about these automatic foam soap dispensers.

Types of Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers

Automatic foam soap dispensers are of two types; wall-mount and deck-mount. Here are the two types covered, along with some examples.

1. Wall-Mount Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers

Wall-mount automatic soap dispensers are installed on the wall near the bathroom sink for ease of use. These are used as a stylish choice in most commercial bathrooms today. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Marsala Minimalist Brushed Gold Modern Sensor Soap Dispenser

Marsala Minimalist Brushed Gold Modern Sensor Soap Dispenser is a great soap dispenser with a brass body and a full dark oil-rubbed bronze finish. It supports a multi-voltage power supply, meeting the requirements for every project. The built-in filter makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is best suited for commercial use like hospitals, offices, restaurants, etc.

Fontana Rio Brushed Nickel Finish Wall-Mount commercial Automatic Faucet with Soap Dispenser

This Fontana Rio brushed sensor faucet supports a dual function of a tap and a soap dispenser. Fitting all US Standard Plumbing, it has a micro-computer for controlling the action. The automatic faucet also self-adjusts as per need. It is also equipped with the built-in infrared smart-chip AI enabling 100% touch-free operation.

2. Deck-Mount Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers

Deck-mount automatic soap dispensers are installed directly onto the sink or the deck. These automatic soap dispensers are used most commonly in different commercial areas. Here are some of the best options to choose from.

Fontana Trio Commercial Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Deck-Mount Liquid Soap Dispenser

The trio commercial brass electronic liquid soap dispenser can dispense the soap effectively. The automatic soap dispenser comes in a solid brass body and an elegant oil-rubbed bronze finish. This liquid soap dispenser is convenient to maintain, and the built-in strainer makes it easy to clean and handle. The commercial use of this soap dispenser is in public facilities, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

Applications of Foam Soap Dispensers

The applications of foam dispensers are very diverse. The most popular use of these soap dispensers is commercial. They are used in places like hospitals, restaurants, airports, offices, public restrooms, etc., to avoid germ transfer due to the touch, as hundreds of people use them daily. Automatic foam soap dispensers are popular in commercial bathrooms, giving them a total upgrade. While there are different types of automatic foam soap dispensers available, we have covered the two basic types and some examples. These are most popular in commercial areas because they are a modern upgrade to these bathrooms.