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Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Chrome

Fontana automatic foam soap dispenser is the best high-quality product with elegant chrome finish and sleek design. It accurately meets the modern technology demand and enhances the efficiency of the commercial bathroom with unique appearance. This automated foam soap dispenser is hygienic and have the newest technology. This product enhances the appeal of the decor for good taste and leading lifestyle with metal construction. Some of them are also available in brass and nickel construction. This constructive material makes these products more durable and reliable for use in bathrooms. It works with super seal technology that provides durability to its solid construction and last for a long time. This infrared ray emission and reception technology makes it safe and easy to use. Due to the infrared sensor, it readily detects the hand under it.

Due to touchless quality This is less chance of transferring germs. It is time adjustable and amount adjustable. You can control the flow of foam soap and quantity with remote. These products are available in different styles such as wall-mounted and deck mounted. This automated foam soap dispenser is easy to operate and refilling process is also very easy. It has large capacity that is up to 1 L. This automatic foam soap dispenser is operated with AC110-240V and DC 6V power suppl. It comes with 3- year warranty. Furthermore, it is the ideal choice for commercial use including restrooms, public places, offices, and hospitals and residential use. It is fit for all US standard plumbing.