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Automatic Faucets Temperature Control

Fontana offers automatic faucets that are suitable for every public restroom and even for personal use. The faucets enhance the appearance of the place they are fitted in and make it look luxurious. Fontana offers quality as the faucets come with smart AI chip technology and motion sensors that sense the motion of hands and there no waste of water and soap. This technology not only prevents water and electricity but also prevents the germs from the faucets as these germs are not transferred and prevent re-contamination.

Fontana Faucets are smart as they do not use much electricity for usage and the battery works efficiently. The products are efficient with minimal design that makes it easy to clean and maintain, the body is rustproof that makes it durable to the temperature and long-lasting. The faucets come with temperature control feature that controls the temperature of water the user water. The water can be cold or hot according to the userís preference. Fontana products come with complete instructions so it is easy to fit. All hoses and accessories are present with the faucet as quality is never compromised.

HighTech Automatic Faucets Temperature Control