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Automatic Faucets Price

Automatic faucets have become must-have bathroom pieces in commercial places. These are available in a wide array of designs. These touchless faucets are awesome in appeal as well as functionality. These have become essential because of this pandemic condition when there is a need to avoid contact. These work with infrared technology and sense the object to allow waterfall or stop the flow of water. Most public places like restaurants, hotels, airports, spas and salons have installed these automatic faucets.

FontanaSensorFaucets deal with a good range of automatic faucet prices. You can buy the pieces in different types of finishes and designs. These include bronzed rubbed, stainless steel, rose gold, and satin nickel. All these are premium in quality and have a long life. Moreover, these are available in rod-type or gooseneck designs. These improve the aesthetic of the public place.

Furthermore, there are available LED technology automatic faucets also. These are best to install in spas and hotels. The light generated by the faucet dictates about the temperature of the water. The red color indicates hot water while green depicts moderate and blue color is for cold water. One can adjust the settings so the person washing hands get water at moderate temperature.

The automatic faucet price range varies from high to normal, depending on the type of finish you choose. Rose old and oil-rubbed bronze comes under luxury variety. Moreover, the stainless steel variety comes under the affordable range. One can choose the variety according to the type of commercial place. Hotel and spas prefer luxury collections to give an inspirational touch to the bathroom.

Automatic Faucets Price