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Automatic Faucets Ceramics

Fontana offers the best automatic faucets with ceramic disc valving that makes it long-lasting and enhances their durability. The ceramic disc valve ensures smooth water flow. It is not affected by water, temperature, sand and rust. The automatic faucet with ceramic disc valve gives a sleek and elegant look to the bathroom. It facilitates the user with maintenance-free and drip-free performance. The antique style faucet enhances the decoration of the bathrooms and kitchens. Like all products of Fontana, it also ensures the safety of the costumer with automated sensor technology. The infrared sensor technology prevents the spread of diseases and germs. The touchless technology not only makes its use safe but also saves the water from wastage. It automatically turns on and off with movement of the hand under the spout. The light indicator on the faucet shows the low batteries by blinking.

At this time, you need to replace the battery. This automatic faucet has two discs that controls the water flow and prevents it from leakage with smooth operation. These faucets have brass or chrome finishing with ceramic core material. The ceramic material makes it corrosion, & chemical resistant. You can get it in different styles such as deck mounted or wall mounted style. It automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. It works with power supply of AC 110V and DC 6V and batteries are not included in it. This automatic faucet comes with one-year warranty and fit to all US standard plumbing. It is perfect for commercial application in public bathrooms, restrooms, restaurants, hospitals and residential use.

HighTech Automatic Faucets Ceramics