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Automatic Faucet

These days automatic faucets are more in demand than the touch ones as they provide the water in an adequate amount without any mess and automatically turn off when not in use to save water wastage. Moreover, they play an essential role in preventing the spreading of germs and bacteria. When we look around for the automatic faucets, you can find the best products at Fontana Sensor Faucets, as this brand provides quality products. They offer the best quality automatic faucets of different finishes, colors, durable materials, and styles that enhance the beauty of the place of installation. These faucets are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, chrome, and nickel.
Automatic faucets have infrared sensing technology that immediately detects the presence of hand and turns on the water. Moreover, you can adjust the water's speed, flow, and temperature. These are the perfect ones for commercial use because of their touchless operation. You can look for a separate automatic faucet for your hotel, airport, or commercial restrooms. Additionally, automatic faucets with soap dispensers make the perfect pair to ensure the hygiene you want. It’s up to you what type of look you want to give your home décor. Some most popular automatic faucets available are the following;  

Types of Automatic Faucets:

There are two types of auto facets: deck mounted and the other is wall-mounted style. Some most popular automatic faucets available on Fontanasensorfaucets are the following;

1. Deck-Mounted Faucets:

These faucets are suitable for commercial bathrooms and restaurant kitchens. Also, these faucets make the space adorable. These are mounted on the sinks, as their name shows.

Clares Commercial Oil Rubbed Bronze Automatic Sensor Faucet

It is one of the most popular automatic faucets of Fontanasensorfaucets that facilitates the user with the best quality performance and protects against germs and diseases. It turns on by automatically detecting the presence of hands and cutting down water while soaping, scrubbing, and lathering by removing unnecessary water flow. It saves the water from wastage due to infrared sensor technology. It has a smooth and elegant finish that is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your home décor. The spout provides the water flow at 0.5-0.7 psi water pressure. It comes with an easy installation process and fits all US standard plumbing. This faucet is the perfect one for residential and commercial use, primarily in the places where children are present such as schools and other sites.

2. Wall-Mounted Faucet

It is mounted on the walls and is perfect for giving an appealing look to the commercial bathrooms. Here is the best example of wall mounted automatic facet for you that helps you to achieve a stylish and luxurious lifestyle

Fontana Commercial Wall Mount Touchless Automatic Sensor Faucet

This wall-mounted faucet is the best choice for commercial and residential use. It comes with 100% touch-free operation and no dripping water technology due to the built-in Infrared AI smart-chip.  You can adjust the shut-off time according to your choice. It is elegant and made up of solid brass with a chrome finish. It comes with a long-lasting battery and all essential accessories as well. 

Where to Use?

These automatic faucets are perfect for use in commercial areas such as schools, hospitals, and industries where hundreds of people use such taps to ensure a safe and healthy wash every time. Automatic faucets are the perfect choice for preventing diseases. Their touchless operation saves the water from wastage and provides an easy cleaning job. Fontana Sensor Faucets is the best brand for providing high-quality products where you can look for one according to your taste and preference.