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Automatic Faucet Won't Stay On

FontanaSensorFaucets brand offers the best quality and operative faucets for commercial and residential uses. The automatic faucet contains very sensitive electronic components, and it wonít stay on if you donít install it in the proper way. There are also some other reason that will stop activation of the automatic faucet. Automatic faucet won't stay on if it is in manual sensor override mode. If you want to enjoy the automatic functioning of the faucet before turning it on check on what mode it is set as it requires some care after installation for proper activation. The automatic faucets contain manual sensor mode that allows them to work like regular faucet in case of power loss. There are also many other reasons that can prevent the operation of the automatic faucet. If the handle of the faucet is not in the open position than your faucet wonít work as an automatic faucet.

For touchless operation keep the handle in open position. The AC power adapted should be connected to the switched outlet. A switched outlet only operates on when the light switch is on. If the switched outlet is not working the faucets work on batteries. Therefore, the batteries of the automatic faucet should remain charged. If the automatic faucet is not working check the sensor light on it. A red flashing sensor light shows that the batteries are not working properly. In this case you need to replace the batteries for proper working of the faucets.

HighTech Automatic Faucet Won't Stay On